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All of us engage in online content creation. While a few limit their writing to social media updates, emails, or messages, others produce content for their websites, including product descriptions, video content, advertisements, and customer support.

Recently, ChatGPT has rapidly gained popularity worldwide by allowing easier access to AI writing through its user-friendly chatbot-style interface. It is a great tool to utilize for generating ideas and inspiration.

Artificial intelligence writers utilize advanced techniques like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms in order analyze data and create articles. AI writing software is specifically designed for generating content on behalf of users.  An AI-enabled writing companion offers valuable resources for creating articles, novels, blog posts, games, and other forms of content. Utilizing AI writing tools provides numerous advantages.

AI writing is an additional resource that can be included in your repertoire of tools.

If you have ever utilized an AI writing tool, you are aware of their immense usefulness. However, at the same time, you are aware that they will not be able to substitute genuine human intelligence in the near future.  There are plenty out there for any dev that can work with API’s and usually utilise a range of monthly plans.  These pricing plans can also be overpriced depending on the output.

AI will not take away your job; instead, it is meant to enhance your work. Incorporating AI writing software into your content creation process can simplify your life and boost your productivity. Therefore, if you are wondering about the benefits of utilizing an AI writing tool, you have come to the correct source.  Check out this exhaustive list of the best ai writer content tools.

OpenAI and ChatGPT

open ai chatgpt

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research lab brimming with experts focused on pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities. Formed with a mission to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity, OpenAI is known for its high-end AI tools that are revolutionizing various sectors. The core principle of OpenAI is to directly build safe and beneficial AGI or aid others in achieving this outcome, thereby creating a positive impact on society.

One of OpenAI’s key developments is Chat GPT. Chat GPT is based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) model, which uses machine learning to comprehend and produce text that mirrors human-like quality. This high-end model has been trained using an extensive range of internet text.

However, Chat GPT does not merely replicate the information it was trained on; it uses this information to understand context, language structure, and relevant responses. As a result, it can generate incredibly realistic human-like text.

Chat GPT can be beneficial in numerous scenarios. It can assist in generating ideas, drafting emails, writing comprehensive articles, and much more. It is a reliable companion for anyone who requires support in generating text, from students and educators to content creators and researchers. With Chat GPT, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

What are the best AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are sophisticated platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to generate and edit content. These platforms are designed to assist users in creating various forms of content such as blog posts, articles, essays, and other written material. The concept of AI writing tools is founded on the idea of harnessing AI’s computational power to create human-like text, thereby providing a highly efficient and reliable method for content creation.

In recent years, several AI writing tools have emerged, each with its unique capabilities. However, some stand out from the rest due to their remarkable features and performance. Among these, the top players include Zimmwriter, Jasper, Rytr, and, of course, Chat GPT by OpenAI. Each of these tools has its strengths, making them suitable for different user needs and applications.

Best AI Writer Tools

Zimmwriter: Best For Bulk Article Generation

zimmwriter ai writer

In the world of AI-powered tools, Zimmwriter sits highly due to its bring your own key (BYOK) model.  Meaning you can get your API key from OpenAI, insert it into Zimmwriter and manage your own usage, which isn’t a common thing in the world of unlimited content generation tools.

The Bulk Blog Writer feature is the big feature here, allowing you to generate content in bulk provides the flexibility to modify various elements found in the SEO Blog Writer, such as the tone of voice, lists, tables, FAQs, and even enhancing the authenticity of the content. Initially, this feature was limited to creating content for up to 10 blogs. However, the ZimmWriter team has recently expanded this limit, and there are rumors that it may be increased even more in the future, but the level of articles here are more than you need or will get on any unlimited plan.

The Local SEO Buffet is the perfect tool for building SEO city geo-location pages. All you need to do is input the city and the services you offer there, and ZimmWriter takes care of the rest. In fact, you can input up to 25 different locations and services that your business offers. You’ll need to provide some additional details such as unique selling points, the advantages of your service, and your business name.

zimmwriter ai

In essence, this is a mass page builder that generates content without actually creating the pages. The produced content is typically of high quality and unique enough to get indexed. However, my team has never used a ZimmWriter city page as is. We always fine-tune the final product to ensure it gets indexed and ranks well.

In terms of pricing, ZimmWriter offers good value for money. With a lifetime deal available for $197 or a monthly subscription at around $10, it’s a cost-effective solution compared to other AI content tools on the market and for producing blog content at scale, there isn’t much better.

Jasper: Best for Power Users

jasper ai

Jasper is an advanced AI writing tool that’s bee around for a while now.  This content writer designed with power users in mind. It is ideal for users who require large volumes of text and need advanced features for greater control and customization. Jasper AI’s ‘Boss Mode’ allows users to generate long-form content. The tool has been meticulously crafted to handle complex writing tasks efficiently, making it a preferred choice among marketing professionals, content creators, and businesses that require powerful AI writing capabilities.

jasper ai writer

Jasper’s advanced features include robust customization options, in-depth language understanding, and the ability to learn and adapt to the user’s writing style. This flexibility enables users to have a high degree of control over the content generation process, allowing them to fine-tune the output according to their preferences. Moreover, Jasper AI has the ability to generate a high volume of text quickly, which makes it an invaluable tool for power users who need to produce a lot of content in a short amount of time.

The Creator Plan is the most cheapest plan option, starting at $39 per month. This plan includes unlimited words, access to 50+ AI copy generators, and the ability to create content in over 25 languages.

The Teams Plan is designed for small businesses and teams. It akin to a premium plan and starts at $99 per month and includes everything in the Creator Plan, plus three team seats, Jasper commands, recipes, and integrations with SurferSEO, Copyscape, and Grammarly.

Jasper also offers a Business Plan for larger businesses and organizations. This plan is priced on a custom basis and includes all of the features of the Teams Plan, plus additional features such as white labeling, advanced security, and priority customer support.

All of Jasper’s pricing plans include a 7-day free trial, so you can try it out before you buy, but you will need to insert your credit card details to begin the trial.

Rytr: Best for Beginners

rytr ai writer

For beginners in the realm of AI writing, Rytr is a fantastic option. It is an AI writing tool that strikes an excellent balance between simplicity and functionality. It presents a friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making the platform highly accessible to beginners. Furthermore, it comes with a suite of easy-to-use features designed to make the writing process effortless including long-form & short-form content generation.

rytr ai writer

Rytr offers guidance and assistance throughout the writing process, ensuring that even those new to AI writing can get started with minimal training. Its AI technology understands and generates human-like text, helping beginners create high-quality content without the steep learning curve often associated with complex writing tools. With Rytr, anyone, regardless of their experience with AI writing tools, can generate compelling content effortlessly.

It offers a single pricing plan, starting at $29 per month. This plan includes unlimited words, access to 35+ AI copy generators, and the ability to create content in over 25 languages.

Best AI Writers For SEO

In the digital age, the ability to produce SEO-optimized content is crucial. As search engine algorithms become more complex, content creators and digital marketers need tools that can keep up. Luckily, there are several AI writing tools designed specifically to help create content that is optimized for search engine visibility. These tools include Surfer, GrowthBar, Scalenut, and Outranking.

Surfer: Best for SEO Writing

surfer seo ai writer

Surfer is a standout AI writing tool that specializes in creating content optimized for search engines which is a big selling point for SEO Professionals and Content Managers alike. Surfer’s capabilities stem from its AI, which is designed to understand the core principles of SEO and implement them in the content it generates.

This makes it an exceptional tool for content strategists looking to insert a tool into their writing workflow, that generates content that is both engaging to the reader and highly visible to search engines.

surfer seo

Surfer’s AI analyzes top-ranking pages for any given keyword to understand what content search engines consider valuable. It then uses this information to help users create content that has a high chance of ranking well. This SEO-focused approach, combined with Surfer’s robust content editing and optimization features, makes it a must-have tool for any digital marketer.

GrowthBar: Best AI Tool for Content and SEO

GrowthBar is a powerful tool that combines AI-driven content creation with SEO analysis, offering users a complete package for their digital marketing needs. It excels at creating content that is tailored to a particular target audience and optimized for search engine visibility.

GrowthBar’s AI uses its understanding of SEO principles and user intent to generate content that resonates with the target audience while maintaining a strong SEO foundation. It provides users with real-time SEO insights, competitor analysis, and content optimization recommendations, making it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s performance.

Moreover, GrowthBar integrates seamlessly with Google Search, allowing users to access critical SEO data right from their search engine results pages. This combination of content creation and SEO analysis capabilities makes GrowthBar an all-in-one solution for digital marketers.

Scalenut: Best for Powerful AI Commands with SEO

scalenut ai writer

Scalenut is a sophisticated AI writing tool that comes with powerful writing and SEO commands. It provides content creators with the power to optimize their writing efficiently and effectively for search engines.

Scalenut’s AI is designed to understand and implement advanced SEO principles in the content it creates. It can generate everything from blog posts to product descriptions, all while ensuring that the content is SEO-optimized.

scalenut ai

What sets Scalenut apart is its advanced command functionality. Users can give the AI detailed commands about the content they want to generate, including tone, style, keyword usage, and more. This level of control, coupled with the AI’s understanding of SEO, makes Scalenut a highly effective tool for content creators looking to optimize their content for search engines.

Outranking: Best Content Strategy Platform

outranking ai writer

Outranking takes AI writing to a new level by combining it with strategic planning. It is more than just a writing tool; it is a comprehensive platform for content creation, SEO, and content strategy. Outranking provides its users with the tools they need to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content and the strategic insights to ensure that this content reaches its intended audience.

outranking ai

Outranking’s AI is not only capable of generating high-quality content but also provides users with detailed insights into their content’s performance. It analyzes the SEO potential of each piece of content and provides actionable recommendations to improve its visibility. This makes Outranking a highly valuable tool for digital marketers and content creators who need to strategize their content creation efforts effectively.

Outranking’s platform also includes robust keyword research and competitor analysis tools, which help users understand the competitive landscape and devise effective content strategies. With Outranking, users can create high-quality content that is not only optimized for search engines but also aligned with their overall content strategy.

Best AI Writers For Copywriting

As marketing and advertising continue to evolve, the importance of engaging, persuasive copy is more critical than ever. Fortunately, the growth of AI has given birth to a range of impressive copywriting tools designed to aid writers and marketers in generating effective copy. These tools include CopyAI, Closers Copy, Neural Text, and Peppertype.

CopyAI: Best for Copywriting

copy ai writer

CopyAI is an amazing tool and stands out as a highly reliable tool for marketers and copywriters seeking AI assistance. It’s best known for its capacity to generate engaging and persuasive copy that captures readers’ attention and drives action.

CopyAI’s engine is powered by GPT-3, a highly advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It uses this technology to analyze input and generate text that aligns with the user’s requirements. It’s not just about producing any text; it’s about creating the right kind of text. Whether you’re looking for an enticing product description, a persuasive sales email, or a catchy headline, CopyAI delivers.

copy ai

One key feature of CopyAI is its ability to understand and replicate various writing styles and tones, which is great for creative writing. Whether you’re looking for something formal and straightforward or casual and quirky, CopyAI can adjust its writing style accordingly. This versatility makes it an ideal tool for marketers and copywriters working across various brands and projects.

Closers Copy: Proprietary Copywriting Machine Learning Model

closers copy ai writer

Closers Copy is another formidable player in the AI copywriting arena. What sets it apart is its proprietary machine learning model specifically designed to produce compelling copy that resonates with readers and drives conversions.

Closers Copy’s AI has been trained on successful sales copy from various industries, allowing it to understand what makes copy effective. It leverages this understanding to generate persuasive text that strikes a chord with the target audience and compels them to act.

closers copy ai

Closers Copy offers a range of features, including a built-in thesaurus and tone analyzer, to help writers enhance their copy further. Its AI also provides real-time feedback, guiding users in crafting copy that’s not just grammatically correct but also strategically sound. With Closers Copy, even those new to copywriting can create compelling sales copy that gets results.

Katteb: Fact Checked AI Content Writer

katteb ai writer

Katteb is an AI-powered writing tool that has garnered the trust of over 200,000 writers and boasts a high rating of 4.9 out of 5. It offers a suite of AI solutions that cater to various needs, including writing, chatting, and designing.

Some of the standout features of Katteb is its ability to support the creation of a wide variety of content types in over 110 languages as well as its ability to generate fact checked articles and in text citation. This feature ensures factual accuracy by providing in-text citations from reliable sources, enhancing the credibility of your content.

katteb ai

Katteb also offers advanced proofreading features, supporting over 25 languages and offering a built-in dictionary to save and reference words and well a its built-in plagiarism detection. This feature helps you maintain the originality of your content by uncovering and addressing any instances of plagiarism, all while providing proper citations to the original sources.

Katteb offers a range of pricing plans to suit different user needs. The Beginners plan is priced at $9 per month and provides users with 15,000 words per month. This plan includes a variety of features such as Katteb Chat with Internet Access, Long Form Fact Checked Article Generator, Katteb Design to Generate AI Images.

For users needing more words, the Professionals plan is available at $29 per month, offering 150,000 words per month and includes all the features of the Beginners plan.

For those who require unlimited words, the Unlimited plan is available at $39 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Professionals plan, with the addition of upcoming features like Zapier Integration and Chrome Extension, and priority email & chat support.

Best AI Writers for eCommerce

In the eCommerce industry, compelling copy is essential in driving sales. The product descriptions, ad copies, and other content related to your products need to capture the interest of potential customers and persuade them to make a purchase. This is where AI writers come into play. Some of the top AI writers for eCommerce include Hypotenuse AI and Copysmith.

Hypotenuse AI: Best AI Content Platform for e-Commerce

hypotenuse ai writer

Hypotenuse AI shines in the eCommerce industry for its ability to create sales-driven content. The tool excels at crafting compelling product descriptions, engaging ad copies, and other eCommerce-related content. Its focus on producing copy that drives sales makes it a top choice for online retailers.

Hypotenuse AI leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to understand the product’s features and the brand’s tone of voice. Using this understanding, it can generate product descriptions that highlight the product’s unique selling points and resonate with the target audience.

hypotenuse ai

Moreover, Hypotenuse AI is capable of generating thousands of unique descriptions in a matter of seconds, making it an ideal tool for eCommerce businesses with large inventories.

Copysmith: Copywriting for eCommerce

copysmith ai writer

Copysmith specializes in crafting compelling copy tailored to eCommerce needs. From product descriptions to ad copies, Copysmith delivers. Its AI-driven platform is designed to create copy that is not only engaging but also geared towards driving conversions.

Copysmith’s AI has been trained on high-performing eCommerce copy, enabling it to understand what kind of language engages customers and drives sales. This makes it a highly effective tool for creating product descriptions, email marketing campaigns, and other forms of eCommerce copy.

copysmith ai

Furthermore, Copysmith’s platform is user-friendly and efficient. Users can generate multiple versions of copy within seconds, allowing them to quickly test different iterations and find the one that works best. For eCommerce businesses looking to enhance their copy and boost their sales, Copysmith is a top choice.

Best AI Writer Generators

Content is king in the digital world. Whether it’s for blogs, websites, or social media, quality content drives engagement, boosts SEO, and builds brand credibility. However, creating content can be time-consuming, which is where AI article generators come in. Tools like Article Forge, Ink for All, and AI Writer help automate the content creation process, delivering high-quality, SEO-friendly articles at the click of a button.

Article Forge: AI Article Generator

article forge ai writer

Article Forge leverages artificial intelligence to generate unique, SEO-friendly articles. Its deep learning algorithms enable it to write about virtually any subject with the same level of quality and readability as a human writer.

What sets Article Forge apart is its ability to research topics thoroughly. The AI reads millions of articles on the web and learns context, meaning, and flow to produce high-quality content. It can generate an entire article with a title, subtitles, bullet points, images, and links, making it an ideal tool for those looking to streamline their content creation process.

article forge ai

Moreover, Article Forge’s advanced algorithms ensure that the generated content is SEO-optimized. The tool understands that SEO is a critical aspect of digital content, so it integrates relevant keywords seamlessly into the articles to boost search engine rankings. Whether you’re a blogger, digital marketer, or SEO specialist, Article Forge can significantly enhance your content production process.

Ink for All: Well-Designed UI with Paraphrasing, AI Writer, and SEO

ink for all ai writer

Ink for All stands out for its well-designed user interface and comprehensive feature set. It’s an all-in-one platform for content creation, offering tools for paraphrasing, AI writing, and SEO optimization.

Ink for All’s paraphrasing tool is particularly notable. It uses AI to rephrase sentences while maintaining their original meaning, making it a valuable resource for avoiding plagiarism and enhancing the uniqueness of content. The AI writing tool, on the other hand, assists in generating content from scratch. By understanding the user’s intent, it can draft articles that align with the desired topic and tone.

ink for all ai

Moreover, Ink for All understands the importance of SEO in content creation. Its built-in SEO tool analyzes your content for SEO-friendliness, suggesting adjustments to enhance visibility on search engines. Whether you’re drafting a blog post, an article, or social media content, Ink for All ensures your writing is engaging, unique, and optimized for search engines.

Best AI Writer Apps and Browser Extensions

As more of our activities move online, the need for on-the-go writing support grows. Thankfully, advancements in AI have led to the creation of writing apps and browser extensions that can help streamline the writing process. Tools such as Paragraph AI, QuillBot, and Grammarly offer a variety of features to assist with content generation, editing, and optimization.

Paragraph AI: Best AI Writing App for your Mobile Device

paragraph ai writer

With our fast-paced lives, being able to write quality content on the move is a significant advantage. That’s where Paragraph AI comes in. It brings the power of AI writing to your mobile device, allowing you to generate content anywhere, anytime.

Paragraph AI’s algorithm is designed to understand your writing style and mimic it, producing text that’s consistent with your unique voice. It can help you draft emails, create blog posts, and even brainstorm ideas, making it a valuable companion for any writer.

Moreover, Paragraph AI provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical proficiency. With Paragraph AI, you can transform your mobile device into a portable content generation powerhouse.

QuillBot: Excellent for Proofreading, Plagiarism Checking, and Citations

quillbot ai writer

While generating content is a crucial part of writing, editing is just as important. QuillBot is a comprehensive editing tool that not only assists with content generation but also provides proofreading, plagiarism checking, and citation features.

QuillBot’s proofreading capabilities are powered by AI, allowing it to detect grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and unclear sentences. It can suggest corrections and improvements to enhance the readability of your text.

Its built in plagiarism checker is an essential tool for students, academics, and content creators. It compares your text to millions of documents online to ensure original content. This way, you can avoid unintentional plagiarism and maintain the integrity of your work.

Moreover, QuillBot includes a citation feature that makes referencing sources a breeze. It supports multiple citation styles, so you can accurately and conveniently attribute your sources, adhering to academic and professional standards.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a content creator, QuillBot provides a comprehensive toolset to polish your writing and ensure it’s of the highest quality.

Grammarly: Best Grammar Assistant

grammerly ai writer

Grammarly is a well-known tool in the world of writing assistants, and for a good reason. It AI grammar checker is second to…not many.  It uses AI to correct punctuation, and spelling errors, helping you craft clear, mistake-free, and impactful text to ultimately improve writing skills.

But Grammarly goes beyond basic grammar checking. It also provides style suggestions to improve the clarity and engagement of your text. It can detect passive voice, wordiness, and unclear sentences, suggesting improvements to make your writing more effective.

Moreover, Grammarly offers a tone detector feature, which analyzes your text to identify the tone, whether it’s formal, friendly, confident, or any other tone. This feature can help you ensure your writing aligns with your intended tone, enhancing your communication effectiveness.

Whether you’re drafting an email, writing an essay, or creating a blog post, Grammarly acts as a second pair of eyes, spotting mistakes and suggesting improvements to elevate your writing.

What is an AI writing assistant?

An AI writing assistant is a tool powered by artificial intelligence designed to assist with various types of writing. These tools are trained on large volumes of text data, enabling them to understand language patterns and produce human-like text. They can be used for a variety of tasks, including drafting emails, creating blog posts, and writing reports.

AI writing assistants are particularly useful for tasks that require high volumes of text or when you need to speed up the writing process. They help automate parts of the writing process, freeing up time and mental energy for more strategic and creative tasks.

How do AI writers work?

AI writers operate based on machine learning algorithms. They are trained on vast amounts of text data, allowing them to understand language patterns and structure. This training enables them to generate human-like text, imitating the style, tone, and structure of the training data.

These AI writers work by receiving a prompt or keyword from the user. The AI then uses its training to generate relevant text, often providing several variations for the user to choose from. As these tools continue to learn and improve, their ability to produce high-quality, human-like text is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Is AI writing good for content creators?

AI content generators offers numerous benefits for content creators. It can help generate ideas, speed up the writing process, and improve the quality of content. AI tools can produce drafts that content creators can then refine and personalize, making the writing process more efficient.

However, while AI-generated content can assist with content generation, it is not a replacement for human creativity and intuition. An AI tool might generate grammatically correct and contextually relevant content, but it lacks the human touch – the ability to understand complex emotions, cultural nuances, and subtle humor.

Therefore, AI writing should be seen as a tool that supports the writing process, rather than a replacement for a human writer. When used correctly, it can save time, spur creativity, and increase productivity.

Why should I use an AI writing tool?

Using an AI writing tool can provide numerous benefits. Firstly, it can save you time. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use the AI to generate a draft that you can then refine and personalize. This can significantly speed up your writing process, especially for lengthy or complex documents.

Secondly, an AI writing tool can help reduce errors. AI tools are good at spotting grammatical errors and inconsistencies that a human writer might overlook. This can help improve the accuracy and professionalism of your writing.

Lastly, AI writing tools can help you think outside the box. These tools can generate ideas that you might not have thought of, helping to stimulate your creativity and inspire your writing. Whether you’re a professional writer or just need to draft an occasional report, an AI writing tool can be a valuable asset.

It’s worth keeping in mind that no AI is perfect.  Generating hundreds of long-form content and throwing them online won’t work.  Human intervention is always needed on blog articles to maintain uniqueness and follow your content plan and SEO keyword plan.


The world of writing is evolving, and some of the best AI writers mentioned above are playing a significant role in this evolution. They’re transforming the way we generate and edit content, making the writing process more efficient and accessible.

With advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, these tools are becoming more sophisticated, producing higher quality, human-like text. They offer support for various writing tasks, from original content generation and SEO optimization to proofreading, editing and exporting to document management systems such as Google Docs.

Whether you’re a professional writer, a digital marketer, a student, or a business owner, there’s a wide range of AI writing tools out there that can streamline your writing process and help you create better and more varied types of content.

While AI writing tools should not replace human writers, they serve as valuable assistants, enhancing our capabilities and productivity. As we continue to embrace technology in our daily lives, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for AI in writing.

At the end of the day, the key is to understand these tools’ capabilities and limitations, and to use them in a way that compleils our creativity and innovation. After all, they are tools designed to assist us, and their effectiveness ultimately depends on how we use them. With the right approach, AI writing tools can undoubtedly be a game-changer in our writing endeavors.

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